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How did we get here?

In March of 2005, Krystal and Andrew were young parents and full of dreams.  Andrew had just finished massage therapy school and Krystal had one more year of occupational therapy school.  They both knew that one day they would want to build a clinic where they could both work and treat clients within their respective disciplines.  They started a business, Healing Hands and Stones, so Andrew could provide massage therapy to clients and also sell his jewelry with the continued dream of expanding into something more when the time was right.  Fast forward a few years to 2018.  After spending a lot of time focused on home renovations and being a stay at home dad, Andrew was ready to start getting back into making the massage business something more.  Krystal and Andrew changed the business to the current name while making it an LLC.  In the process, two friends (Jamie and Jay) joined the business.  Rapid changes happened with Krystal and Jamie's employment and they have worked hard to expand the business into serving the Anchorage community and filling the gap in services, particularly for infant and early childhood mental health, feeding challenges, and children placed on long wait lists.  


We are so excited to be finally realizing our dreams and working to make A BETTER TOMORROW for our families and yours.  

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Andrew, Krystal, and their two children, Alexia and Carter


Jay, Jamie, and their three children, Drew and Bailey "the bigs" and Marcus

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