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Creating A BETTER TOMORROW by helping children and families heal and flourish from their past into their future.  


Fostering collaboration with children and families to better understand their strengths and abilities while exploring tools and resources to allow them to have a healthy and promising future.  Guiding children to embrace their uniqueness and discover what they have to offer to make the best tomorrow they can.  


  • Integrity:  We do the right thing even when no one is watching or when it is hard; We do what you say you are going to do. We strive to have self-awareness, acknowledge what we don't know, and have humbleness to ask for help or refer to someone that is better skilled. We are gracious and supportive in helping others grow in areas of personal and professional improvement. We hold each other accountable. We are authentic and transparent. We do our best and support others in being their best. It does not matter who is or is not watching.

  • Collaboration:  SEE A NEED, FILL A NEED. We work together with clients, families, professionals, each other, and the community. Everyone's thoughts and ideas are important and add value to our business. We are open to learn from each other and willing to teach and mentor. We ask questions. We own our mistakes. We look for ways to help others look better. We work as a team: we succeed together, and we fail together. We collaborate with the community to make changes large scale and not just for our own personal gain.

  • Continual Learning:  We strive to continually improve through education, formal learning, self-reflection, and those around you. We encourage growth and education in our co-workers and the families we serve. We help others see opportunities for growth. We readily share our knowledge in an encouraging manner. We support each other, with grace, in areas of personal and professional growth. Failure is an opportunity to grow, not a reason to quit.

  • Communication:  We exhibit and support open, honest, and direct communication, even when it is not comfortable or a hard conversation is expected. We state our intent. We strive to see the best in others and assume their communication is intended to make us better. We ask clarifying questions and do not stew over miscommunication. We ask for forgiveness and do-overs when needed. We ask for what we need, in the moment: "one of two things will happen, you will get what you need or realize the source is unable to provide."

  • Team Player:  We actively look for a way to improve the workplace of others or make their job easier. We help those around us; We face challenges with optimism and create solutions. We do not need to struggle alone in this journey of life, so we share with others and accept their help. We support each other in our personal and professional lives, without being invasive. We set an intent to listen and not fix unless given permission. We allow others to just sit with us without fear of judgement.

  • Pride:  We take pride in our work, those around us, and the facility. We always aim to leave the environment and the people around us better than when we found them/it. We believe the work we are doing is important on multiple levels. We are excited about our past, present, and future.

  • Family Centered:  Each member of the family matters to us (team members and clients). We treat with the family at the heart of what we do. We ASK and address goals of the parents and educate when other steps need to be addressed to meet those goals. We acknowledge the importance of milestones from a parent's point of view. We celebrate the successes and support through the disappointments. We focus on what is important at that specific time by listening, caring, serving. We strive to be culturally sensitive and respectful of each individual story. We give permission for forgiveness and grief to promote healing of the family unit. We do our best to keep consistent communication with our families. We encourage each other to do what is best for their personal families which includes scheduled time off to connect.

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