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The Ownership Team

As the owners, we take the mission of this business to heart.  We have worked hard to make this clinic a reflection of our values and dedication to serving the Anchorage community.  From the beginning, we identified our shared family values and brought them to the heart of this business.  We use our values to guide decisions and help us develop new ways to grow our team and our impact.  The clinic started small and we are proud of the growth achieved.

Our Office Staff

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our office staff is typically the first interaction with the clinic that patients and their families experience.  Without their continued efforts and dedication, we would not be able to run our office with efficiency and ease.  Scheduling appointments, fielding phone calls, rescheduling appointments, managing our newsletter and social media, billing checks, and billing questions, these ladies handle it all.

Our Therapy Team

Family Center. Trauma Informed. Child Lead

Our therapy team works hard to meet the needs of their clients.  They are active learners who work as a team to bring about the best possible outcomes for their clients.  Some have been with us from the beginning and some are new, all are essential to making the clinic move forward toward our mission.

Support Staff

Resourcefulness. Safety. Cleanliness.

This part of our team is vital for the behind-the-scenes work that keeps our clinic running smoothly.  We are grateful to have dedicated staff focusing on fixing things that break, clinic safety inspections, routine maintenance, daily cleaning, and periodic deep cleaning of our clinic spaces.  


If you are looking to join our staff, we have immediate openings for full-time or part-time for the following positions:

* Janitorial Support - immediately
* Speech Language Therapist - April 2024
* Occupational Therapist - spring 2024

Email your resume to:
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